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Drummer and Rio de Janeiro native Vanderlei Pereira is one of the most sought-after musicians on 
the contemporary Brazilian jazz scene. Combining a prodigious knowledge of Brazilian rhythms with 
dazzling technique and a distinctive touch, Vanderlei has captivated audiences around the world in 
performances with a virtual “Who’s Who” of Brazilian and Latin jazz. Based in New York City since 
1988, he leads the acclaimed Brazilian jazz sextet Blindfold Test.

“A Brazilian drummer who left the classical realm after going blind in his 30s shows just how easily the skills transferred over to high spirited Brazilian jazz. A dazzling set that's right in the moment, he leads his crew through a sprightly, spirited set that's purely a party on a platter. It sounds like he sees things more clearly than most. Caliente!” 

Chris Spector, Midwest Record